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Do you need to get in front of key decision makers?


In Guaranteed Access: How to Get Clients without Selling, you will follow Bill and Cathy as they learn how to succeed and grow their fledgling business with a method they developed called “Research Marketing.” Based on the real-life experiences of Doug and Polly White, this book will teach you how to:


  • Secure four meetings with the key decision makers who can purchase your products/services

  • Develop solid, lasting relationships with the people who will become your clients

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field

  • Generate revenue for your company

Doug and Polly started with nothing and built a consulting practice, speaking and online business that generates more income then they made when they had what they call “straight jobs.” They did this by developing and using the systematic techniques contained in this book. 

If you want to increase the number and quality of clients you serve, if you want Guaranteed Access to the decision makers who will make the difference in your business, if you want others to see you as the expert in your field, then you need to learn the methods that made Doug and Polly so successful. 

Order your hard copy edition of Guaranteed Access: How to Get Clients without Selling for $22.95.

Physical Copy

What is the formula for a successful business?


Do you want a business that thrives and provides a great lifestyle for you and your family? Does your business currently struggle? Do you believe your business has more potential if you could just discover the keys for success? 

Doug and Polly set out to discover this formula. They wanted to find out what differentiated these two types of businesses – those that succeed and almost run on autopilot from those that limp along despite the owners’ best efforts. What they discovered has changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Doug and Polly’s award winning and best-selling book, Let Go to Grow: Why Some Business Thrive and Others Fail to Reach Their Potential uses real life examples gleaned from their more than 100 interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Let Go to Grow illustrates:


  • What the owner/entrepreneur must do at each stage of the business to transition to the next level

  • Exactly how the owner/entrepreneur’s skill-set must change to allow the business to prosper

  • How to recognize the critical transition points and what to do at each

Let Go to Grow is a must-read that helps owners/entrepreneurs transition their businesses into growing and thriving enterprises.

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