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Small Business Experts

Doug and Polly in Gather-Scott’s Addition, one of the co-working spaces they founded, that creates a community for more than 200 entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers.

Doug and Polly are a dynamic and engaging husband and wife team who WOW their audiences with their substance and style. Together they have more than 50 years of experience growing, scaling, fixing, buying and selling companies. Weekly contributors for and recognized as top 10 small business experts, they combine both theory and ground level experience to provide practical and proven advice and answers.

For the past 15 years, Doug and Polly have presented at more than 500 private and public events, engaging thousands of individuals. Their keynotes focus on what entrepreneurs, small business owners and key leaders must do to grow their businesses profitably, navigate the natural transition points the business will face, and delegate safely.


In addition to keynote presentation, Doug and Polly also deliver customized workshops to organizations that facilitate engagement, inspire and deliver real value.


Whether it’s learning why, how and when to let go of different aspects of the business, developing a hiring plan that attracts the talent needed by the organization or understanding the key requirements of a micro, small and mid-size company, Doug and Polly challenge their audiences to reimagine their own role and vision, deliver actionable insights and leave their audiences re-inspired, passionate, and motivated to take action.


B2C, as well as, B2B audiences receive cutting edge applicable and actionable insights. Doug and Polly deliver strategies filled with customized and meaningful use cases for their specific audience while their delivery is uniquely infused with the high energy and often-humorous anecdotes you’ve come to expect from a seasoned professional and keynote speaker.


Doug and Polly have more than 50 years of corporate, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, customer service, marketing, and sales management experience to assist you in taking your business to the next level of performance.

Some of Doug and Polly’s current and past clients include:

CarMax, Genworth, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Bon Secures Hospital, Altria, Capital One Financial, Union Bank and Trust, Edelman Financial, and Hundreds of Small and Entrepreneurial Businesses

Let Go to Grow – Why Some Businesses Thrive and Others Fail to Reach their Potential


Category: Business Growth, Small Business, Entrepreneurism, Women in Business


Summary:  Based on their award-winning book, Doug and Polly White take their audience on a journey, exploring how the role of the owner must change as a business grows from a one-person startup to a multimillion-dollar enterprise. This speech has been the turning point for countless small business owners who experienced the “Ah Ha” moment – realizing what they must do to succeed and take their business to the next level! Many speakers focus on how to start a business, how to grow sales, or how to run large companies, but few speak about the role of the principal and how it must change as a business grows. Doug and Polly analyzed more than 100 companies to learn why some businesses thrive and others fail to reach their potential.


Best Audience:  Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Key Leaders


Key Takeaways:

  1. As a business grows, the owner must let go of specific responsibilities at specific times. If the principal doesn’t let go, at some point, his or her capacity will be exhausted. He or she will then unwittingly become the constraint to further growth.

  2. Why letting go is so difficult and how to overcome the urge to hold on to tasks that you need to delegate.  

  3. What skills the owner/key leaders must acquire at each transition point to succeed with an ever-increasing set of challenges.

  4. How to take your business to the next level – and what that means.

Let Go to Grow

The Three Essentials to Scale Your Business

Category: Business Growth, Small Business, Entrepreneurism, Women in Business


Summary: Most small organizations want to grow, but few succeed in scaling. The challenges can seem overwhelming. Think about it. The needs of a business with $500,000 in revenue and four employees are very different from those of a business with $10 million or $100 million in revenue and hundreds of employees. Regardless of the industry, all businesses will encounter most of the same trials as they transition from a micro business, to a small business to one that is must larger. In this talk, Doug and Polly take on the big three and share their tips for breaking through to the next level.


Best Audience: Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Key Leader

Key Takeaways:

  1. What people and human resources needs will trip up your business and how to stay on your feet

  2. Why, how and when to document your business processes  

  3.  How to develop a set of metrics for your business that will give you peace of mind

Scale Your Business

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