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Polly White spends most of her time on solving people problems. She teaches owners and managers how to get the best out of their employees, to create great organizations, handle complex HR situations, and hire the right people.


She has that unique ability to understand people, their behaviors and personalities. She uses these skills to help entrepreneurs solve complex human resources and organizational problems. But, Polly also puts these talents to work in other areas that require understanding people -- marketing, sales and social media.  


Polly spends her free time sitting on several civic and nonprofit boards and committees and leading her church choir. She loves cooking for family and friends, traveling with her husband and the guilty pleasure of watching cat videos.


Polly holds a Bachelor in Business from Averett University where she finished first in her class. She also earned a MA in Human Resource Development from The George Washington University

Often people ask, what do you do at Whitestone? The quick response is that we are management consultants who specialize in helping smaller companies. When given a couple of additional minutes to talk about our firm, we tell people about our two over-arching values.


First, we will only work with companies when we believe we can add value at multiples that swamp our fees.


Second, with every engagement, our mission is to teach the business owner and his/her key employees how to solve their business issues. We teach business owners what they need to know to run their businesses effectively.


Most entrepreneurs get started because they are fantastic at the primary work of the business. This might be marketing, baking pies or plumbing. It doesn’t mean that they know how to run a business. This is where Whitestone comes in. We will help you to identify and solve your business challenges and help you to develop the business acumen you need to become more independent as your business grows.

Doug helps entrepreneurs solve business problems. His background in physics, math, engineering and business gives him an ability to go beyond the easy, surface solution to dig deeper and find unique answers. He has a talent for making the complex simple and teaching others.


He helps organizations in diverse industries develop strategies, understand their financials, develop metrics and fix operational issues. Doug has led start-ups, fixed broken business and executed acquisitions. The common thread -- Doug has been the catalyst for creating significant bottom line value and he can teach you his methods.


Doug makes time to serve on several civic and college boards and committees. He loves Randolph Macon Football almost as much as he loves his wife. He collects wine, enjoys entertaining family and friends and fills in for the preacher when she wants a week off.


Doug earned a BS in physics from Randolph Macon College. He earned a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a MBA from Harvard.


Work with Doug and Polly 

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