If you are looking for help with your business, you might want to check out our book let go to GROW: why some businesses thrive and others fail to reach their potential. In this award-winning book, we cover how to grow your business from micro to small and from small to midsize profitably.

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shutterstock 138342692Q.  I am in the process of purchasing a new computer for my business. The store where I’m purchasing the computer has offered me an extended warranty. Should I purchase the extended warranty?

A.   The answer is a resounding no, you should not. These policies are a great deal for those that offer them, but they are a terrible deal for the consumer. There are five reasons why:

taxincreasesspendingcutsThe Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the Federal deficit will eclipse $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row in 2012. There is increasing agreement that the deficit needs to be reduced. Continuing to let the deficit spiral out of control will ultimately have disastrous consequences for the US. 

let-go-to-grow-bookWhat is the formula for a successful business? You know the ones we mean, the ones that thrive. These are the businesses that throw off a lot of cash and provide a great lifestyle for the owner and his/her family. Then there is the other kind of business. Those that struggle and never seem to reach their potential. Doug and Polly’s award winning and best-selling book, Let Go to Grow: Why Some Business Thrive and Others Fail to Reach Their Potential uses real life examples gleaned from their more than 100 interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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shutterstock 143944291Judy wanted to go back to school.  She was tired of the jobs she could get with just a high school diploma.  She believed she could do better.  Judy dreamed of having a challenging career, being able to buy a nicer house, traveling, and sending her kids to college.  Gerry, her spouse, wasn’t sure this was a good idea.  It would take years for Judy to graduate from college, going to school at night and on weekends.  It would mean she wouldn’t be home every evening to help with the kids’ homework and make dinner.  She wouldn’t be able to be at all of the Little League games.  She would miss family events.  Gerry thought they were doing just fine.  They didn’t need more. 

shutterstock 156031955Judy wanted to go back to school. She was tired of the jobs she could get with just a high school diploma. She believed she could do better. Judy dreamed of having a challenging career, being able to buy a nicer house, traveling, and sending her kids to college. Gerry, her spouse, wasn't sure more schooling for Judy was a good idea. He knew it would take years for Judy to graduate from college, going to school at night and on weekends. It would mean she wouldn't be home every evening to help with the kids' homework and make dinner. She wouldn't be able to be at all of the Little League games. She would miss family events. Gerry thought they were doing just fine. They didn't need more.  

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The CEO of a small business became concerned about his bookkeeper's performance. He couldn't put his finger on the issue, but something wasn't right. The bookkeeper's attitude was poor. She often extended her lunch break beyond the approved time. The books were convoluted and unclear. Exactly what was going on in the business was difficult to determine at best. After months of hesitation, the employer finally lined up a new bookkeeper and dismissed the poor performer. In less than a week, the new bookkeeper discovered that his predecessor had embezzled more than $65,000 by depositing the pay of a fabricated employee into an account she owned. The former bookkeeper subsequently pleaded guilty to embezzlement.

twitter photo thingWe are Doug and Polly White.  We are business partners and co-authors. We share the stage during speeches and the microphone during interviews.  We are also married.  People frequently tell us, “You two work so well together. I could never work with my spouse.”  We love working together.  What could be better than spending every day with your best friend?  While we make our situation sound rosy, it is not without its difficulties.  It isn’t always rainbows and puppies in the office.  We have learned to work together.  We hope that what we have learned will help others find more joy in their marriage and work life.

“I HIGHLY recommend Polly and Doug. They have wonderful insight to help small business owners prioritize and identify strategies for growth and improvement. Wish I had met them 20 years ago!”

Sharon MaderePresident / Premier Pet Products

My team and I have had the privilege of working with Polly on our business. Polly's keen business insight and savvy is something special. She was honest, direct, and tactful about her observations and recommendations for our team and how to grow our business. It was a pleasure having her help us and I would tell anyone that’s serious about growing their business to call Polly. She’s great!

John O’Reilly, Broker/OwnerBase Camp Realty

“Doug and Polly, I want to thank both of you! The past few months have been enlightening and overwhelming all at the same time. Your guidance, direction, wealth of knowledge, and wisdom have exceeded all my expectations. No words could ever completely describe just how amazing of a “dynamic duo” you two really are!”

Dawn Beninghove, RN, CCM, CRP, PNChief Executive Officer / Companion Extraordinaire Nursing Network, Inc.

“Doug White took on an unfocused operation (in the financial services sector) and created an efficient, centralized system dedicated to excellence. He did this not by driving change from the top down, but by helping the entire team see how their part of the process could be improved. Doug then mentored us toward effecting the changes ourselves. He taught us all how to bring our “A game,” and how to take ownership and pride in what we do.”

Donna LevinVice President of Operations / care.com

"I have had the privilege of working with Polly White for several years on a variety of projects. She consistently provides clear direction on how to resolve a wide range of employment-related issues. I look forward to my continued relationship with Polly."

Elizabeth WilkinsBusiness Manager / Manorhouse Management, Inc.

I have known Polly for more than ten years. As an HR Manager, I have utilized Polly’s training expertise at my former company and with my current company. Polly exceled at assessing the needs of our management teams and tailoring training programs that resulted in visible positive change. I also know I can count on Polly as a resource on any HR topic or bounce ideas off of her when I need a second opinion. Polly has been a mentor to me and I have always appreciated her willingness to listen and offer valuable advice and expertise.

Leigh McCullar, HR Business PartnerUniversity of Richmond

I am truly impressed with the abilities of Doug and Polly White, thank you! What a difference your expertise have made in helping Associates grow in their careers. Your dedication to excellence through empowering the individual and strengthening the Company is enlightening. I do and will continue to recommend Whitestone Partners to the Executive Market.

Suzanne Pittman, MEd VAMAC, Inc.
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